Category: Bone Health

Stress Fractures: How Physiotherapy Can Help You Return to Running

Stress fractures, or bone stress injuries, are common in runners.  They are especially common in athletes training for long distances, such as marathons and ultramarathons.  Symptoms often start as a dull ache that can resolve or reduce during a run. But overtime symptoms tend to get progressively worse, sometimes resulting in an inability to continue […]

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An Exercise Program Can Help You Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Do you have knee or hip osteoarthritis?  Have you been told you may need surgery?  The good news is there may be an easier and more cost effective option. What is Osteoarthritis and do I have it? Our joints are lined with cartilage. Cartilage is a smooth, rubbery type of tissue that covers the end […]

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Why It’s Important To Exercise If You Have Osteoporosis

Low bone density is commonly associated with ageing. But recently we have seen an increase in younger people being diagnosed with it. Some even before they turn 50 years old. So why is the density of our bones important? It’s important because our bone density tells us how strong our bones are. It is also […]

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