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The Fact of the Matter

We live in a world where we want quick fixes and the easiest way to achieve what we need. This may look like taking a pain masking medication, a blood pressure or cholesterol lowering drug, a miracle diet or the most fashionable piece of exercise equipment that will basically do it for you. The fact […]

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Exercising “Right”

Often when we start exercising for the first time in a while, or the first time, it’s hard to know if we’re exercising right or not. Before we go any further, let’s take the negative connotations of exercise away for a moment, as well as the actual word exercise, and replace it with movement. Thinking […]

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Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine Every year, Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA) put together an “Exercise Right” week, and this year we think they have it spot on; Movement is Medicine. The importance of a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle has become evident now more than ever. With the world changing as it has recently, we […]

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What is Lymphoedema & How A Lymphoedema Physiotherapist Can Help

Fluid from the body’s tissues drains into the lymphatic vessels, which are close to the blood vessels. This fluid is called lymph. Lymphatic vessels carry the lymph fluid to lymph nodes where substances that could be harmful, such as bacteria, are filtered out and destroyed. This process helps to protect the body against infection. The […]

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