Category: Hamstrings

Why Your Rehab Might Require Exercises

Many clients who walk through our door will receive exercises as part of their rehab. The reason behind this varies from person to person but is largely dependent on the issue that they present with. A lot of thought and consideration goes into selecting the appropriate exercises. Compliance with rehab exercises is often an issue […]

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Athletes Without Pain – Why See A Physio?

It’s often thought that in order to see a physio you need to be injured or in pain. You may think that now or have thought that in the past, but here’s a myth buster for you – it’s not true. Physiotherapists are now increasingly used by sports teams to help improve the performance of […]

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Why You Need To See A Physiotherapist After Straining Your Hamstring

The hamstrings are a group of three muscles located in the back of the thigh (Figure1). The muscles extend from the bottom of the pelvis, down to the back of the knee. The hamstring muscles work to extend the hip and bend the knee, so are important in activities such as walking, running, squatting and […]

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