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Athletes Without Pain – Why See A Physio?

It’s often thought that in order to see a physio you need to be injured or in pain. You may think that now or have thought that in the past, but here’s a myth buster for you – it’s not true. Physiotherapists are now increasingly used by sports teams to help improve the performance of […]

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Low Back Pain and Rowing 

Low back pain is a common problem in rowing, and it can be easily improved with the right management.  What is the cause?  Low back pain in rowing is caused by overload to the structures in the back, it is most commonly from an increase in training load or intensity, which is very common after the school moratorium. The repetitive stress from […]

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What is a Dietitian and How Can They Help Me?

Generally speaking, a Dietitian is considered an “expert” in human nutrition and understands the relationship between nutrients and their interaction with the human body. Dietitians are fully qualified and regulated healthcare professionals with the ability to; assess, diagnose and treat any nutritional problem or deficit based on symptoms. The key difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is […]

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