Category: Knee Problems

Why Your Rehab Might Require Exercises

Many clients who walk through our door will receive exercises as part of their rehab. The reason behind this varies from person to person but is largely dependent on the issue that they present with. A lot of thought and consideration goes into selecting the appropriate exercises. Compliance with rehab exercises is often an issue […]

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Can I Return to Work or Play Sport Even With Pain?

Recently Ryan covered the topic of “There Are No Shortcuts” where he discussed the return to your activity. This week we are going to look at a similar theme and something we are asked quite a bit, edging more towards why having some pain when returning to playing sport or work still might be okay. […]

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Why to Not Just ‘Get Orthotics’ for Your Foot Problem!

Foot pain can be relatively common (see below). People with foot pain, flat feet, or other foot issues often end up with orthotics to support their feet. There is often some benefit in seeing a podiatrist, or another foot experience therapist, for orthotics.  However this may not always be your best OR only […]

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