Category: Massage Therapy

Why Pregnancy Massage is Beneficial for You & Your Baby

During pregnancy the mother’s body grows and her posture adapts to the growth of the baby. These changes can often cause stress and discomfort, as well as sleepless nights.  This article discusses how pregnancy massage can help relieve these problems. The major postural changes we see, other than the growing bump, are hunched shoulders and a […]

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How We Achieve A Good Patient Outcome at Physiotas

What will it take to achieve the best outcome for my patient? At Physiotas we encourage our therapists to ask this question every time they see a patient. Whether it’s our physiotherapists, exercise physiologists or massage therapists. Why? Because the answer to this question helps you recover faster from your injury. In 2003, Brown University […]

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Myofascial Release Treatment: What it is and how it can help

Myofascial Release Treatment (MRT) is a slow form of massage.  It is often performed without lubricants as the therapist needs to manipulate the fibres of the fascia.  Fascia is the interconnected tissue that binds muscles, joint and organs of the body. This article explains what MRT is and how it can help you move better […]

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