Category: Osteoarthritis

How To Reduce Your Fear of Falling

Let’s put it straight out there! Falling is not a normal or acceptable part of getting older. Whether you have had a fall, or are just frightened of falling, you will know it can change your life and happiness. When your legs feel wobbly or won’t hold you up if you walk too far, or […]

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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy & How It Can Help Your Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists often use hydrotherapy (or exercising in water) to assist in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. This article discusses the benefits of hydrotherapy and how it can help you. The obvious benefit of hydrotherapy is the reduced effect of gravity on your body. When you stand in waist deep water you are only supporting 50% […]

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An Exercise Program Can Help You Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Do you have knee or hip osteoarthritis?  Have you been told you may need surgery?  The good news is there may be an easier and more cost effective option. What is Osteoarthritis and do I have it? Our joints are lined with cartilage. Cartilage is a smooth, rubbery type of tissue that covers the end […]

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