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Stress Fractures: How Physiotherapy Can Help You Return to Running

Stress fractures, or bone stress injuries, are common in runners.  They are especially common in athletes training for long distances, such as marathons and ultramarathons.  Symptoms often start as a dull ache that can resolve or reduce during a run. But overtime symptoms tend to get progressively worse, sometimes resulting in an inability to continue […]

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Five Things to Consider Before Training For a Half or Full Marathon

As running participation numbers increase, more people want to progress their running.  While you might start out with a 5km parkrun or 10km fun run, it isn’t long before many runners look towards longer distances. Training for your first half or full marathon is a huge undertaking and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Preparing well will […]

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Managing Running Load to Prevent Injury

Running is an increasingly popular activity. Around Tasmania we are seeing more people out running. The simple nature of running is a huge factor in its appeal. It allows people a hassle free way to get outside and improve their health. But the simple act of running is often complicated by injury. Injuries are frustrating. […]

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