Category: Shoulder Problems

Looking After Your Shoulder In The Gym

Shoulder strength is often neglected and not always adequately restored after an injury. Consequently, shoulder injuries commonly recur. In fact, 40-50% of people with an episode of shoulder pain will report a recurrence within 12 months. Why? The main reason is that we just aren’t strong enough. So when we are strengthening, how can we […]

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The Rehabilitation Process Following Shoulder Replacement Surgery

There are two reasons people undergo shoulder replacement surgery.  The first is to reduce long term pain.  The second is to improve movement or function with daily activities and hobbies. This article describes the different types of shoulder replacement surgery, and the rehabilitation process that follows. The shoulder is a shallow ball and socket joint, […]

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Shoulder Pain in Swimmers

Are you are swimmer with shoulder pain? If so, you’re not alone. The shoulder is the most commonly injured body part resulting from swimming, with reports of shoulder injury rates up to 91% in competitive swimmers. Why the shoulder? In swimming there is a high volume of repetitive overhead movements (more than any other overhead […]

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