Coronavirus Updates

Telehealth – What Is It & Is It For Me?

April 2nd, 2020

Click here to read more on what Telehealth is and if it is for you.

In The Current Lockdown, is Physiotas Still Open?

March 31st, 2020

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Physiotas is still open at all locations for appointments either in the practice or via Telehealth.

We are strongly encouraging you to stay home and access Telehealth services if you are:
Over 70 years of age
Over 60 years of age with any of the following chronic conditions: cardiovascular disease, immunocompromised, any respiratory condition or diabetes.

We’re here to help you and here to help ease the load on GP’s and hospitals, so if you have any questions around an appointment or our Telehealth services, please contact our lovely admin team

Is My Group Session at Physiotas Running After the Latest Update?

March 30th, 2020

After the latest update from the government we have decided not to run any of our group sessions at Physiotas after today.

Our wonderful admin teams across all our practices will be phoning all our current group participants to inform them of these changes. We will be offering an alternative service for these patients so that any treatment can continue.

Please contact your nearest practice should you have any questions in regard to our groups

Introducing Telehealth

March 26th, 2020

What is it?
  • Live video consultation through our Physitrack platform or an over the phone consultation with their practitioner
  • Patients download and use PhysiApp via their phone/device or computer
  • Our staff will then call you via this app in order to begin your Telehealth experience
Why use it?
  • For advice or education about a new injury or condition
  • If concerned about coming into our clinic due to health reasons
  • Living in more remote locations
  • Don’t need hands on/manual therapy
  • Quick review appointments
  • Progress updates on treatment plans
  • Progression of exercise/strength/rehab programs
The Experience:
  • Patient interview to discuss your condition/injury including the mechanism of injury, your symptoms, behaviour, activities and what you want to achieve
  • Physical examination including assessment of range of movement, positions, functional activities, strength and other tests
  • Diagnosis, Education and Advice on how to manage the injury or whether further investigation, opinion and referral is required
  • Screen sharing to demonstrate and explain exercises via our physitrack/physiapp platform
  • Screen sharing of pictures or videos to educate on anatomy or other useful information regarding your injury
  • Management plans sent to you following the consultation
How to book:

You can call any of our practices to book a Telehealth appointment

  • Devonport – 6424 7511
  • Launceston – 6334 0622
  • Ulverstone – 6425 5997
  • Shearwater – 6428 7500
Cost & Payment:
  • Currently there are no rebates available
  • Initial consultations are 40-60 mins
  • Short consultations are 20-30 min
  • We will invoice you on completion of your consultation which can be paid over the phone
*Please confirm appointment duration & cost with reception when booking

To Our Valued Customers…

March 25th, 2020

To our valued customers,

In line with the most recent government guidelines, Physiotas is still open for business.Β  We are still deemed by the government as an essential service and so will be continuing to provide you all with the best possible care.Β  We are able to help with musculoskeletal pain and injury and our service will hopefully help ease some strain on the hospital system.

We are operating with the highest level of concern for everyone’s health.Β  We are maintaining the social distancing guidelines from the government with participants in our exercise room limited in numbers to adhere to the 4m2 spacing requirement and we are complying with social distancing.

Our staff are constantly disinfecting all surfaces and gloves will be offered to all patients if the use of equipment is part of your treatment.Β  We have hand sanitiser on hand for everyone to use.

All our staff are complying with the strictest measures with regards to their own health and none of our staff are attending work if feeling the slightest bit unwell. We take your health seriously.

We want to be able to continue to provide the highest level of care for all our patients whilst adhering to the strictest measures implemented by the government.

Our staff are also in the position to offer a telehealth service for you if you would prefer to self-isolate at present.Β  If you would like to access this service please call our friendly reception staff and they would be happy to organise a time where one of our physiotherapists will be able to provide a face to face telehealth consult.Β  Please discuss with our staff what equipment is required for this service.

Physiotas team