Working From Home: Am I Set Up Right?

Working from Home

Is My Workstation Appropriate?

COVID–19 has forced many people to stay home and not to attend their workplace. But for those who can, work must go on. Luckily with the advances in technology and connectivity we can continue working from the comfort of our own homes. However, it can come with some challenges. Some of those challenges can be addressed by seeking help from your physiotherapist.

Injuries and pain tend to occur after a large change in routine or after a large amount of unaccustomed activity is completed. This includes beginning to work from home, which may be a completely different working environment to what you’re used to. Many people have been thrown into many different types of work environments and may have found themselves working in the dining room, on the kitchen bench, the home office or even the floor.

Having a home work set up that is comfortable and compliments your body can be one way that you can avoid any extra stress.

Some things you can do at home to help you best reduce the chance of pain and injury include:

  • Have an appropriate home workplace set up
  • Regular movement breaks throughout the day
  • Regular exercise
  • Maintaining other routines as able including sleep


Where can your Physiotherapist help:

There is not a “one size fits all” approach that will suit everyone for the “optimal” setup at home because everyone is different, but that’s where your physio can come in to help. Here at Physiotas our great team of physios are able to help you set up your home workstation via teleconference. Using your laptop/tablet/smartphone or any device with a camera and internet connection, we can complete an individualised assessment that will allow us to help you find the most comfortable set up for you. Your Physiotherapist, or one of our Exercise Physiologists, are also available to provide you with a home exercise program which can be a great way of staying fit and healthy, reducing stress and potentially avoiding injury/flare up of pain.

This service is available and suitable for anyone who is working at home and is seeking advice regardless of whether you have had a previous injury or not. If you are interested in having your home workstation assessed and individualised to suit your needs, please contact us on the details below.

Devonport – 6424 7511
Ulverstone – 6425 5997
Shearwater – 6428 7500
Launceston – 6334 0622