World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign and is this Sunday, November 14th! Diabetes affects just under 5% (1.2 million) Aussies in 2021. This includes 30,000 Tasmanians diagnosed, 12,000 undiagnosed and 45,000 at risk. Diabetes globally affects 537 million people with rates and risks increasing due to a modern westernised lifestyle.

Three Main Types of Diabetes

Type 1: An autoimmune disease that occurs in early childhood or adulthood
Type 2: A preventable and reversible condition that develops in adulthood due to long periods of high blood sugar which is associated with decreased activity levels, unhealthy diets, obesity, and smoking
Gestational Diabetes: Occurs in pregnancy and usually resolves after the baby is born

What Can Be Done

As they say, prevention is better than a cure! With Type 2 being the most common type of diabetes, the good news is that it can be prevented by looking after yourself with regular exercise and healthy eating habits. It’s important to prevent as millions of people cannot currently access the proper care they need.

We’ve got some good news! All types of diabetes can be managed and, in some cases, reversed by making changes such as moving more and eating a healthier diet. If you suffer from diabetes or are at greater risk of developing it, our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists have great knowledge in helping you manage this condition.

What Next

If you’d like some help with getting moving, you can contact our practice to book an assessment with one of our practitioners by heading clicking on the Book Online button or by phoning your local practice!

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