Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine

Every year, Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA) put together an “Exercise Right” week, and this year we think they have it spot on; Movement is Medicine.

The importance of a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle has become evident now more than ever. With the world changing as it has recently, we realise the benefit in being able to actively spend time together, progressing ourselves and making the most of every moment given to us in a way we can enjoy.

If movement has been difficult for you due to restrictions from a health condition, time from a busy lifestyle, or motivation from years of trying different things that didn’t work, we want to help you find what works for you.

Most of us have found the past few months either a particularly stressful time mentally or physically. We’re here to talk about the benefits of movement on improving your approach to life and getting you back into a positive routine.

For some, this time has been a positive for you, allowing you more time to get out and move. We’re here to talk with you about any niggles that have occurred, or how to progress your routine to achieve some of those long term goals you’re now considering achieving.

Physiotas has everything in place to help you across the North and North West Coast of Tasmania. With the option of in-rooms, or Telehealth, we have the ability to connect with you so that your health can still be a priority while we adapt to the changes around us.

Don’t wait for things to get worse. Prevention is the best cure, and as always, the most effective program is one we adhere to.


Our Exercise Physiologists

Physiotas have 5 ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists working across 3 practices.
You can book appointments online by heading to our website or by phoning your local practice.

Devonport – 6424 7511

Ben Brockman and Robert Talbot

Launceston – 6334 0622

Laura Downie and Sharania Vignesvaran

Ulverstone – 6425 5997

Marlii Stubbs