Workplace Health

Pre-Employment Screenings

Physiotas offers a customised assessment process for your prospective or current employees. Our assessments screen the ability for an individual to perform the physical demands of their job; ultimately reducing workplace injuries and lost time. We perform regular screenings for a variety of local, interstate and international companies. During the assessment, a physiotherapist will assess all relevant clinical tests for pathology, physical, medical conditions and general health that may impact the ability for a prospective or current employee to complete their work safely. The screening also includes strength and manual handling assessment to ensure the individual has the physical capability to work safely with the known or estimated job demands. Contact us now for further information or to discuss your specific screening needs.

Injury Prevention

Manual Handling Training

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2007), almost one third of all Worker’s Compensation claims arise from musculoskeletal injuries as a result of poor manual handling or ergonomic practices. Physiotas offers tailored Manual Handling and/or Ergonomic training customised for your worksite to help PREVENT INJURY.  Our trained therapists are able to educate and develop safe Manual Handling and Ergonomic practices within your workforce.  Contact us now for further information or to discuss your specific training needs.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

The benefits of maintaining a healthy workforce are becoming increasingly well recognised. A healthy workforce takes less sick days, gets inured less and is generally more productive. Physiotas is able to tailor a solution to suit your business needs to help you improving a high level of workplace health. A Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program can involve a range of different interventions including but not limited to; educational programs regarding important health issues, workplace health assessments, employee health mentoring and group or individual exercise intervention programs. Contact us now for further information or to discuss your specific workplace health and wellbeing needs.

Ergonomic assessments

Physiotas offers a customised assessment process for your on-site workplace health and ergonomic needs. Our trained clinicians can visit your workplace and can assess various forms of on-site risk such as:

  • Workforce general health measures
  • Ergonomics/Posture/Office set-up
  • Manual Handling Technique
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment and work site ergonomics

We can provide you with immediate recommendations and a written summary report (depending on needs) to help reduce risk and prevent workplace injuries. These assessments can also be used in the return to work (RTW) process of injured workers. Contact us now for further information or to discuss your specific workplace needs.

Injury Rehabilitation

Our Physiotas Physiotherapists are experienced in professionally assessing and treating all forms of physical workplace injuries and tailoring an injury management and rehabilitation program specific to the needs of the injured worker. Our physiotherapist will work closely with the employee, other health professionals such as the patients GP or surgeon, and with the employer or rehabilitation coordinator to progressing the rehabilitation program as required to get the employee back to pre-injury health so that they may safely resume full work duties as quickly as possible.